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Hunting for Treasure

During the Easter season egg hunts abound. Children are used to getting candy, money, toys or other such things as prizes from the eggs they collect, but why not give them the treasure of God’s Word? An easy way to incorporate prayer into the holiday activities is to put scriptures or prayer requests on pieces of paper in plastic eggs and then hide them around the room, church, or outdoors. When children find the eggs they can pray the scripture inside over someone they know or over some need that they are aware of. You can put the name of a person or a need on the back of the scripture so they can easily know what to pray the verse over. As an added treat, include a piece of candy in the egg so they will want to find as many as possible.

If time permits, you can gather the eggs back together and play Hot-Eggs (like the game Hot-Potato). You can also play music and while passing the egg around, stop the music and whoever has the egg has to pray. There a ton of ways to use the eggs, just make sure to include the scriptures and requests in the mix (and candy)!


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