Pray While You Play

Praying is FUN!

You can integrate praying into most any playtime with just some imagination! Check out some examples below.

Who would have thought that BeyBlades could help kids pray for special needs? It’s simple and fun!

Jonathan brought a US geography puzzle to Kids Prayer with him one time. He shared with us a way to put the puzzle together and pray for the states as he worked to put each piece in place.

During a kids prayer meeting there was a special time of praying while playing. Take a look at the pictures below and read the short explanations. Kids, please DO TRY this at home!!

  • First, each time the high bounce ball hit the ground the kid who bounced it said one word of their prayer. The higher the bounce the longer the prayer!
  • Second, kids formed a circle and bounced a glow-in-the-dark ball to a kid across the circle. The one who caught the ball prayed for the one who threw it, then bounced it to someone else. They even used this same thing to pray for a kid’s parents.
  • Jump rope praying was a lot like bouncy ball praying. Each jump was a word to a prayer, or a kid could pray as long as they could jump.
  • Pick any topic and focus praying on it this way…it’s a blast!



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