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The Need to Read Thumbnail

The Need to Read

The Bible gives us God's will, His direction and the plan of salvation. If you want to help your children understand the need to read the Bible you can use any of the following ideas (teaching points are in parenthesis): have a treasure chest hunt: do not give them a map (no knowledge of God / remote areas w/o the gospel) give them a blank map (unreligious) give them a map that is incorrec

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Prayer Bingo Thumbnail

Prayer Bingo

Use this prayer tool to add a bit of fun to your children's prayer time as well as get them praying about personal and world issues. Each participant gets a Prayer Bingo card and a set of squares to cover their card spaces. One person randomly chooses a topic of prayer from the word list. The word list page can be cut up into small strips of paper that are pulled out of a box. Each participant who

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Thanksgiving Prayer Thumbnail

Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanksgiving is usually a festive holiday filled with a lot of laughter, friends, family, food and fellowship. Football games are enjoyed between desserts and families start bringing out the Christmas decorations. For America, the day is a celebration of the goodness we enjoy everyday. For those of us who pray, it is also a reminder of the millions others who are lonely, starving, living in povert

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What’s a Mother to Do? Thumbnail

What’s a Mother to Do?

No matter your domestic status, all mothers face some of the same challenges when it comes to spending real time and energy praying and it often seems impossible. So what is a mother do when it comes to prayer and intercession? At the outset, please know that the cause of prayer desperately needs a mother’s touch. The empathy and unconditional love that soothes and comforts is the perfect model

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Targeted Prayers Thumbnail

Targeted Prayers

Praying specifically for needs of others (and ourselves) is very important. We don’t pray specifically to tell God what to do for us, but it helps keep us from praying lazy prayers that are too general and ineffective. Also, praying until we feel we’ve “hit the target” in heaven is important. Sometimes it takes praying for a specific need more than once to feel released from it. We need to

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