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M&Ms Are For Missions

In this little girl’s hands lies a tool to shape the nations when coupled with prayer. Imagine that! Something as simple as a piece of candy is being turned into a powerful prayer tool by children who learn of it’s dual role. I doubt the parent company of M&Ms knew their little candy coated chocolates would be employed as instruments of salvation, but in the hands of a child (or anyone else) that is exactly what these “power pellets” become.

There is a rising urgency to train children to pray for the harvest in these last days. Parents and churches who answer this call are using creative simple ideas to help children take their place in the Body of Christ through prayer. Children who learn to pray for the harvest impact the church in a few key areas. First, it is an important part of their spiritual development; as children learn to get the focus off of themselves, they are open to a world of service based on concern for others. Second, it allows them to fully participate in the activities of the Body of Christ; the Church needs their prayer power and unhindered faith to impact the nations and local communities.

M&Ms aren’t just for snacking anymore; they are part of an arsenal of prayer that is being wielded with ever increasing accuracy by the youngest among us. Here is another idea to help you and yours pray through a bag of M&Ms. Go ahead, shape


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