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Sometimes our minds can go blank trying to decide what to have our children pray for. Other times, we can get into a rut, seemingly praying for the same thing over and over. Prayer time should not be something we dread, or come to dislike because it seems repetitive or boring.  A fun and interesting tool for kids to use during their prayer time is our prayer Spinner Cards. Each set includes four

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RDD: Relationship Deficit Disorder

They are known as Generation Z.  They are creative and collaborative. They are smart. They know more about the world due to the Internet then many of us knew by the time we were adults. They are concerned about their environment. They are true multi-taskers. They brand Life and what’s popular with a simple click of a “Like” button. They have never known life without technology. They thrive

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What are you doing?

What are you doing? The question is simple. The question is fair. The question is required. For many of us reading this post the question will give rise to various answers on how we are reaching our children and training them to pray. We train our own children. We train our grandchildren. We may even be training other children in our church or neighborhood. But this isn't the answer to the questi

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Hunting for Treasure

During the Easter season egg hunts abound. Children are used to getting candy, money, toys or other such things as prizes from the eggs they collect, but why not give them the treasure of God's Word? An easy way to incorporate prayer into the holiday activities is to put scriptures or prayer requests on pieces of paper in plastic eggs and then hide them around the room, church, or outdoors. When c

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