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Sometimes our minds can go blank trying to decide what to have our children pray for. Other times, we can get into a rut, seemingly praying for the same thing over and over. Prayer time should not be something we dread, or come to dislike because it seems repetitive or boring. 

A fun and interesting tool for kids to use during their prayer time is our prayer Spinner Cards. Each set includes four different cards with different prayer focus groups. On the back of each card are prayer points to help train the child what to pray regarding the topic they land on. Topic groups include:

  • People groups (such as Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Atheists (unreligious), etc.
  • Families
  • Missionaries
  • Churches (and their associated ministries)
Option 1: Using one card, have each child take a turn spinning the spinner. Whatever spot that the spinner lands on is the topic they will pray for. 
Option 2: Keep a card by your child’s bed or near the dinner table. Each night, have the child spin the spinner and pray for that topic as a family.

Click here to purchase a set of Spinner Cards for your children, family, or kids prayer ministry! 


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