7 Essentials of Kids Prayer

“At this moment you are being beckoned to raise up children, perhaps your own, who will pray and be a part of bringing the harvest into the kingdom. You have a growing sense that your children need to join he prophetic fervor that is rising among the nations for the return of Jesus… You need not be the world’s foremost prayer warrior to train children in prayer. Just be someone with heart for children and the harvest, and an anointing to carry you through. God is pouring out His spirit on all flesh. Sons and daughters will prophesy (Joel 2:28). Don’t you want the “sons and daughters” to be children you know?” – AC

7 Essentials of Kids Prayer is a program designed to teach leaders how to instill core prayer concepts in children in ways that they can understand, and ways that they will use. The book can be purchased from the World Network of Prayer. The seminar may be taught by WNOP staff in your area. Contact us for more information.

The 7 Essentials of Kids Prayer covers the following concepts:

  1. Worship
    God’s enemies are silenced when children praise and worship.
    The number one job of children is to worship. Why? Because when they do, the enemies of God (spirits, demons, people) are silenced. Imagine an enemy of God having a large piece of tape placed over its mouth
    by a child. Satan is known as the “accuser of the brethren,” which means he is constantly bearing false witness against saints to God. If he is silenced by the worship of children, his main weapon is canceled.  This “job” allows children the ability to have a place in the church body to be included…
  2. Kingdom Praying
    Seek first the kingdom of God, even in prayer.
    The number two job of children is to pray for others. When they do this, they are answering the only prayer request of Jesus, found in Matthew 9:37-38. Training children to pray for others helps them stop thinking only of themselves; it helps to weed out selfishness and encourages them to prefer others ahead of themselves. When children begin to put the kingdom of God first in their prayers, they will begin to put the  kingdom of God first in other areas of their lives as well…
  3. Listening
    Children need to learn to know Jesus’ voice and obey.
    Many times when children are in prayer training, the practice of listening is often overlooked. It is important for children to be trained to hear the Holy Spirit so they may obey. Listening for God’s voice takes  practice and discipline; however, the younger the children, the more quickly they will sense things (hear) in their spirit.  This core value will teach children to become aware of their spirit, and train them to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Healing
    Children have faith to do the works of Jesus.
    When the church releases the faith of children and begins to accept the work of the Spirit through them, extraordinary things begin to happen. When children are led to pray for the sick with faith, the sick recover. Although there is no formula for answered prayers, there is a technique that can be taught to children that trains them to participate in the plans God has for the entire body of Christ…
  5. Scripture Prayers
    God’s Word is a spiritual weapon that impacts eternity.
    Praying Scripture is a powerful way to apply God’s written Word to our lives. Scripture praying is speaking out the will of God for all things because His Word is always right and it is eternal. Those who struggle with understanding the will of God for their lives can greatly benefit from praying Scripture, His will written down. Reading and meditating on the Scriptures is a good practice, but speaking the eternal Word of God aloud causes things to happen in the spirit realm. When children begin to pray Scripture, they are taking part in the prophetic element of the body of Christ, which in itself is fulfillment of Joel 2:28 (your
    sons and daughters will prophesy)…
  6. Holy Spirit
    Children need to stay full of the Holy Spirit.
    When people are full of the Holy Spirit, they do the works of Jesus and greater works. • The Holy Spirit is poured out on all flesh for five major reasons: (1) to provide a greater way to glorify and worship Jesus, (2) to give a sign to the unbelievers, (3) to use as a prayer language, (4) to build up the inner man, and (5) to impart power…
  7. Armor of God
    Children must wear spiritual armor according to their giftings.
    Children need to be protected daily by putting on “the whole armor of God,“ according to their giftings. This means that although we all have the same elements of armor, not everyone’s armor looks alike because  our gifts, abilities, and personalities are require different types of protection. We are all parts of the body of Christ, doing specific jobs and needing protecttion accordingly. In the Church, children need to be  encouraged to use their gifts in the body of Christ at young ages. The sooner their gifts are identified, the sooner they can begin contributing…

“I hope as you review the seven essentials of kids prayer highlighted in this handbook you will have an expanded vision and fresh understanding about training children in prayer. You will come to discover that training in this area is different from Sunday school curriculum that offers a memory verse, a lesson, a song, a craft, and a snack. Prayer training has to be more than a temporary focus. Prayer must become like breathing to this generation; it must become their way of life. I trust you will begin to see that these core values will raise up a generation that is solidly founded in prayer and active in ministry among the body of Christ and to the nations.” – AC

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