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God’s Opinion

During our Monday night Kids Prayer meeting we always have a time of focused prayer for various requests based on current issues and events. Many times this is lead by one of our teachers, but this night we had a time of being quiet and had each student pray and ask God what they felt God wanted us to pray for collectively. After a short time, little hands went up in the air and each child shared

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Hopscotch and a Prayer

A fun idea for outdoor praying is visiting a sidewalk or driveway and drawing a hopscotch board with caulk. In each block, let the child(ren) fill in a prayer request. When the child has their turn, they throw a rock into the hopscotch area and hop to the box the rock landed in and pray that prayer. It's a great way to pray while they play!

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Keep ’em Praying All Week

One of the hardest things to do in Kids Prayer is to keep your kids praying throughout the week when they are not all together in your prayer group or at church. Some families do not practice prayer at home, or may feel awkward doing it with their children if they don't know what or how to pray very well themselves. One way to handle this is to notify and get the permission of the parents for t

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Hunting for Treasure

During the Easter season egg hunts abound. Children are used to getting candy, money, toys or other such things as prizes from the eggs they collect, but why not give them the treasure of God's Word? An easy way to incorporate prayer into the holiday activities is to put scriptures or prayer requests on pieces of paper in plastic eggs and then hide them around the room, church, or outdoors. When c

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