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Candy Prayers

Easter is coming soon and that means that the aisles of your local store is full of brightly or pastel colored candy. Many kids get baskets on Easter full of this same candy. Instead of just letting the kids get cavities or fight over who ate the bunny’s ears let’s teach them how to pray with some of the candy.

A favorite at this time of year is Jelly Beans (I personally love the Jelly Belly brand – buttered popcorn, yummy). A friend brought me a bag of jelly beans that has been packaged for prayer. It is called The Jelly Bean Prayer. You can purchase these at your local Christian bookstore. This could also be a great giveaway for your Easter service.

The Jelly Bean Prayer

SPECKLED – represents the effects of sin separating me from you above.
RED – is for the blood you shed, a sacrifice only you could pay.
WHITE – represents the cleansing of my soul as you wash my sins away.
BLUE – is for water baptism, an outward expression of my faith.
YELLOW – represents heaven above, a long-awaited place!
GREEN – is for the growth that I must do, as I study your Word to gain closeness to you.

Hopefully you have tried praying for missions by using M&M’s. If not check out this link to find out how that works. Kids absolutely love to pray this way! And it something they remember to do anytime they have M&M’s. There is the question of what to do when there are seasonal M&M’s for the holidays. Below you will find an idea that Barb Braswell used in her Sunday school class.

This morning in my Sunday school class we closed class time with having prayer with M&M’s.  However, I had brought the Valentine Mix that contained red, light pink, dark pink and white. I started off with a recap of how praying with M&M’s worked for the kids that didn’t know. Then, I told them that since we had some new colors today I was going to let them try and define what the colors would stand for. Here is what we came up with:

Red – Hindu – we kept this the same because I didn’t want to cause confusion from that color already being defined.

Light pink – I suggested that since it is the color used for Breast cancer awareness that we use pink to represent cancer

Darker pink – those we love, family, those that don’t feel loved were all suggested by the kids.  Then, I added that in countries like China the girls are not wanted and are abandoned and in other Muslim countries the women are mistreated and abused so we used this color to represent those needs.

White – the states (based upon the white stripes and stars of the US flag).

I thought the kids did great with their ideas and thought I would pass their  ideas along.  I got the M&M’s ½ price from Valentine’s day and I think that they are doing different assortment of colors now for various themes so I thought it might be something that could be used again with different colors in another season.


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