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During our Monday night Kids Prayer meeting we always have a time of focused prayer for various requests based on current issues and events. Many times this is lead by one of our teachers, but this night we had a time of being quiet and had each student pray and ask God what they felt God wanted us to pray for collectively. After a short time, little hands went up in the air and each child shared what God gave them. Some of their answers were:

the President
Japan and the fires
A family of children who hated God (name omitted)
Levi (who had a rash on his body) 

It’s the job of the teacher to lead and train our children to pray. As leaders we often give a list of a things that the church needs, or things that are happening in our community or world. Often we share the names of those who are sick or in need. This type of leading is needed since it helps train the child what kinds of things they can pray for besides their boo-boos. However, part of their training must also be to have them listen themselves to the leading of the Lord.

In hearing and reviewing these prayer requests one may raise an eyebrow and say, “Astronauts? Well, I don’t think that’s correct.” The thing is, we don’t know for sure, and if a child feels God lead them to pray for something, we need to encourage that openness even if we need to help direct it some. You never know… maybe an astronaut in training (or at a space station) was in danger. 

Any time that you have children share what God is putting on their hearts, look to see what the outcome of it is. Sometimes you’ll see a pattern or theme in what was shared. Sometimes something will happen in the news that aligns with that request. If God is speaking to a child about what to pray, then there is a reason and we need to share that as much as the request.

Encourage your children to listen for God speaking to them. Train them to ask God what He wants them to pray for, since He certainly knows much more than we do. 🙂


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