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The Need to Read

The Bible gives us God’s will, His direction and the plan of salvation. If you want to help your children understand the need to read the Bible you can use any of the following ideas (teaching points are in parenthesis):

  • have a treasure chest hunt:
    • do not give them a map (no knowledge of God / remote areas w/o the gospel)
    • give them a blank map (unreligious)
    • give them a map that is incorrect (false doctrine)
    • give them a map in another language (understanding)
  • have them bake something
    • do not give them the list of ingredients (direction)
    • give a wrong list of ingredients (false doctrine)
    • give them a list of ingredients in another language (understanding)
  • have them find something in the dark (“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet…”)
Each of the example methods above can help the children understand their need to hear, understand, and practice God’s Word. If reading the KJV Bible is hard for them, then suggest to them to possibly read a version for kids or teens.
There’s many other ideas you can use. The point is… get them reading.


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