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Holiday of Healing: Single Parents

The struggle to be a successful parent is a great task for any two-parent home; when a parent is alone, this adds even more stress to the situation. Single parenting is extra tough because one has double the responsibility with half the resources. It can be a burden financially as well as emotionally. A single parent who has to work extra hours to pay the bills means less time at home with the child. Struggles between a child’s parents can make things tense which can put stress and undue guilt on everyone involved. If a parent lost their spouse due to death it can bring more emotional issues as they try to parent while dealing with their own loss.

Single parents are often misunderstood and feel rejected. They can feel out of place around other families or single friends who do not have children.

Pray for:

  • the mind of God as they have to make difficult decisions
  • single parents to not be lonely
  • God to give single parents spiritual insight and wisdom in dealing with the needs of their children
  • their financial needs to be met
  • for godly friendships and strong church family bonds
  • a hedge of protection around their mind, soul, and body
  • strength in handling daily duties
  • help with tasks they are unable to manage alone
  • them to be comforted by the words of God:  “I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”  (Joshua 1:5)

What you can do?

1. Pray for them.

2. Invite them to share time with you and/or your family. Make them feel that they are accepted and still have a place in life. Spend time with them.

3. Offer to watch their child(ren) occasionally so they can have some individual time on their own.

4. Donate clothing, toys and food to single parent families who are in need.


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