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Holiday of Healing: Governments

Being a leader is not always easy, much less, being the leader of a nation. Corruption abounds in many government systems and there is great pressure from every side to influence those who have power and the ability to change things. New leaders suddenly have all kinds of “friends” who want to “help them” rule their world. The pressure is overwhelming for well-meaning leaders. Then there are the leaders who are already corrupt in their spirit and they obtain their position with intentions to do evil and/or rule in ways that is not godly or fair. These leaders put pressure on other leaders to change and become more like them, and they often commit crimes and evil acts against those under their rule to further their cause.These evil rulers do what is best in their eyes and never ask God for wisdom or submit their leadership to Him, if they even know or believe in Him at all.

Not all government leaders are corrupt. There are those who are in office that try to lead with God’s guidance but the numbers are few and far between. No one has all the answers for how to best rule a nation, except God. Many leaders do the best they can with their human understanding but when times of pressure, economic distress, or disasters come, they can find themselves trying to lead a nation hoping for  the best.

In many nations of the 10/40 Window, the government systems are extremely corrupt and filled with evil leaders who allow slavery, crime, drugs, child-soldiers and little rights for women and children. Their nations are poor and in efforts to hold onto their power they withhold aid and assistance as leverage with the people of their nation. The people have little say, and those that do speak up often are imprisoned or killed.

God told us to pray for our leaders. Leaders have the power of influence with many following their example. Leadership is a great responsibility, and one that we will be help accountable for. Many government leaders have damaged their nation through evil decisions. People have been mistreated, had hard-earned money taken from them, and even been abused, enslaved or killed in areas of the 10/40 Window. School systems have had God removed from their system and the end result has been a revolution of anger, drug abuse, crime, and killings. Our nations are hurting. God is being removed from those that had Him as their foundation for centuries. We cannot change our government on our own, but we CAN pray. Together, we can make a difference.


  • that these leaders would have a personal relationship with God and seek Him wisdom in their decisions
  • that they would be a good influence on others instead of letting evil people influence them
  • they would make the right decision no matter how much they are pressured to do otherwise
  • that they would have godly assistants to work with them
  • that their focus would be on having a godly nation, not on money, power or popularity
  • that their government systems would change to allow the people to have a say and a vote in what happens
  • that people of ministry would be put into positions of leadership to help influence other leaders to do right and turn to God
  • that leaders that have done wrong would confess and make amends to the nation and its people
  • that atrocities such as rape, drug abuse, trafficking, slavery and more would not be allowed for the sake of money and power but leaders would make laws against these things and uphold the law in every situation


What Can You Do?

1. Pray for the leaders of your nation and world, consistently.

2. Write to these leaders and express your desire to them that they would follow God and His ways.

3. Write to them and let them know that you are praying for them.

4. For adults: make sure that you vote if allowed in your city and nation.


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