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Holiday of Healing: Natural Disaster Victims

The 2011 year has been filled with major natural disasters across our world including earthquakes, floods, tornados, tsunamis, mud slides, volcanos, wild fires, hurricanes, typhoons, and more. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost, which means even more families and cities and towns have been impacted. Each natural disaster brings economic hardship to the affected areas with loss of businesses, homes, schools and churches. The effects of natural disasters are immediate, as well as long lasting. It takes substantial amounts of time to recover and for families to start over. 

During this holiday season think of these vast numbers of people and don’t just be thankful if it wasn’t you, but pray for them, as if it were. Bring them hope, and healing.


  • that God would meet the needs of those who have experienced these disasters.
  • that disaster areas would be able to recover quickly and rebuild areas that were damaged or destroyed, including homes and businesses.
  • that people would not become bitter at God for the disaster but rather come to the understanding that we are not in charge and that God is our help in time of trouble.
  • that people would turn their hearts to God and realize what is most important during these times.
  • that city and government leaders would have wisdom to make wise choices when these disasters happen that would most benefit the people and their nation’s land.
  • that God would give peace to victims and those who have lost their families and friends during these times.
  • that God would provide godly homes for children who were orphaned because of the disaster.
  • that funds would be donated to assist the victims.
  • that insurance companies would quickly provide payment for damages on homes and businesses.

What can you do?

1. Pray for disaster victims.

2. Donate items to organizations who take relief aid to the areas of the world where these disasters happen.

3. Volunteer to help in your area so when a disaster hits close to you, you can be there as a support.


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