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Holiday of Healing: Schools

The education system of today has drastically changed. Many schools today are filled with violence, guns, drugs, and fear. It used to be that metal detectors were only found in high-security buildings but now they are common in inner-city schools. School and college shootings are on the rise as students take out their fear, aggression and voice on their peers. Prayer in schools has been banned where it used to be the norm. Bullying has claimed lives of countless youth. NOn-biblical teaching are being integrated into classes and schoolbooks. This the environment that our children go to school in everyday.

Pray for God:

  • Keep those of bad influence from teaching in our schools.
  • Give our kids a heart for God. 
  • Build strong character in our school kids. 
  • Teach our children character as much as knowledge. 
  • Return educators to moral principles, rejecting political pressure not to do it. 
  • Turn back the secular worldview focus. 
  • Help them make godly choices. 
  • Return a spirit of integrity to our schools. 
  • Protect the halls and keep those who walk there safe. 
  • Convict those who try to revise history to their liking. Bring them truth and understanding from God’s Word.
  • Cause those who push drugs and alcohol in schools to be caught.
  • Take away distractions that separate students from You. 
  • May the curriculum being used be one promoting virtue. 
  • Guard over those who wait for buses. 
  • Give the staff wisdom to deal with disobedience. 
  • Weed out ungodly influence and replace it with Your Word and prayer. 
  • Make it a safe place for students and students.

What can you do?

1. Pray for our school systems.
2. If you are a parent, pray over your child before they go to school each day. Pray God’s spiritual armor on them.
3. Be aware of what activities and issues are going on in the schools in your area.
4. Stay in contact with the teachers; they can give insight on many things that you can pray for.


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