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Sometimes our minds can go blank trying to decide what to have our children pray for. Other times, we can get into a rut, seemingly praying for the same thing over and over. Prayer time should not be something we dread, or come to dislike because it seems repetitive or boring.  A fun and interesting tool for kids to use during their prayer time is our prayer Spinner Cards. Each set includes four

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Holiday of Healing: Single Parents

The struggle to be a successful parent is a great task for any two-parent home; when a parent is alone, this adds even more stress to the situation. Single parenting is extra tough because one has double the responsibility with half the resources. It can be a burden financially as well as emotionally. A single parent who has to work extra hours to pay the bills means less time at home with the chi

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Kids Prayer Guides / Scripture Cards

Check out our new product! Use these great new kids prayer guides & scripture cards to teach your children how to pray Kingdom-minded prayers that change the world! There are ten subjects covered with prayer points on the front and associated scriptures on the back. Sets include 1 of each card and are the size of collector cards so they are easy to carry around and store.  

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