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Holiday of Healing

Have a month worth celebrating! This December, instead of filling it with so many activities, shopping, cooking and entertainment that the reason for the season gets lost, fill it with something each day that will bring true joy. Each day this month we are focusing on various people, situations, and events that have brought or experienced hurt in lives and in our nations. We will reflect and pray for these, asking God to bring healing into each one of them, and along with it joy and forgiveness.

During your times of praying with your child(ren), use the daily focus points below to give you discussion ideas, and prayers for these topics. Topics will cover personal, national, world issues that affect us all.

Follow along with us each day as we pray for those hurting:

December 1: Those with AIDS (World AIDS Day)
December 2: The Elderly
December 3: The Jobless
December 4: Disabled Children
December 5: The Grieving

Check back tomorrow for another update!


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