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Holiday of Healing: Those in Despair

Millions of people are in despair everyday. They live lives full of anxiety and hopelessness. Issues of sickness, economic hardships, job loss, loss of a loved one and more plague their mind until all they feel is the heavy weight of depression. Holiday seasons can make this issue even worse. Those who live with despair and depression have little ability to pull themselves out of their black hole and often need the assistance of others to help them. Many of them take medications to help fight their situation, but the only true solution, is God.

Pray for God to:

  • Give hope to those who may be in despair today. 
  • Show those in despair the peace of trusting in Your Name. 
  • Strengthen those who are weak and despressed. 
  • Heal the hurt in the heart of those who have lost a loved one. 
  • Refresh us with new insight from your Holy Word. When there seems to be no hope, show us what You see, Lord. 
  • Give them hope greater than their fear. Don’t let them give up hope. 
  • Replace feelings of futility with positive thoughts of victory. 
  • Make the Source of Hope plain to them. Flood their life with Your joy. 
  • Show them your love in a special way today. 
  • Expand their capacity for joy. 
  • Give them victory today. 
  • Deliver them who are captive to their unbelief. 
  • Brighten their day through encouragement. 
  • Show them hope in the dark. 

What can you do?

1. Pray for those in despair and depression.

2. Give a word of kindness and encouragement to them.

3. Do something with the person to get their minds off of their situation.

4. Invite them over for fellowship. Spend time with them.

5. Talk about good memories they’ve had. Focus on the positive.



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