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Holiday of Healing: Military Troops

Every single person in uniform has people at home who love them and who lie awake at night worrying about their safety.  Military service is inherently dangerous, and all the more so in a war zone. Many of our soldiers are living a very difficult life.  They get used to it, but it is still miserable.  Many of them are severely sleep deprived.  They are often hungry.  They do not often get to thoroughly wash and they suffer from the sun and the heat.
They are lonely and sometimes discouraged.  Many of them are seeing heart-breaking scenes. They are often burdened by the life-and-death decisions he makes every day. Returning to “normal” life can be a real trial and the effects of war can scar the soul. Some of our military will doubt the wisdom and decisions of their particular unit’s command. They have numerous lives in their hands and their mistakes can be costly and can burden their hearts. War is always terrible. 


  • Pray for their safety.   
  • Pray that God would stop the evil plans of those who seek only harm. 
  • Pray for success in war with a minimum of human casualties.
  • Pray for their suffering and bad memories that God would give them peace and comfort.
  • Pray that they would respond with faithfulness to their duty and courage against difficulties. 
  • Pray that they would not be taken up with anger against the enemy or temptation to sin.
  • Pray for those who are leaders that they would make good decisions.   
  • Pray that they would not falter, nor that they would fail in their duties. 
  • Pray that they would lift up their hearts to God, and seek from Him the wisdom that their responsibilities require.
  • Pray that their sacrifices would make a difference for peace. 
  • Pray for their families, who daily wonder where their loved ones are and are sacrificially doing without a father or mother, a son or daughter. 
  • Pray that military families would remain strong.  Pray that marriages would not be strained, that children would not be bitter by the long absence of their parent.
  • Pray for Christians and Christian families in the military. Ask God to give them strength to witness the gospel.

What can you do?

1. Pray for them.

2. Write to a soldier who is deployed. Let them you know are praying for them and care about their safety and situation.

3. Send a care package and bible to a soldier.

4. Visit veterans who are disabled.

5. Talk to a soldier. Let them share some of their difficulties and/or stories with you to help you understand the difficulties they face.

6. Find a way to honor the soldiers who are in your area.

7. Find ways to help the families and children of soldiers who are deployed. Spend time with them. See if you can help provide any of their needs.


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