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Holiday of Healing: Youth

Young people are our most valuable natural resource.  They are creative.  They are missions-minded.  They don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and getting involved and they have a lot of energy.  This energy must be directed constructively, which can only be done by seeking God. 

Satan wants to turn teenagers’ attention to things of the world because he know with their help, the church can do even greater things. He tries to distract them from their real purpose through music, media, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol and inappropriate behavior. Young people are influenced the most by their own peers so Satan sends them bad influences for friendships and tries to make them feel that they are “missing out” on the greater things of the world. Many young people become bitter towards their family who tries to keep them on a good path. They become rebellious and turn away from those who love them while seeking acceptance from friends who are doing the same. Anger and self-reliance fills their heart.

Not all young people become rebellious; there are those who love God, want to serve Him and fulfill their purpose. They need training, instruction and mentoring.

Pray the following prayers for teenagers:

  • that teens will turn their lives to God and will know who they are in Him
  • they will always have a pure and forgiving heart before God
  • they will stand strong against negative peer pressure
  • they will have wisdom in choosing godly friends
  • that they would forgive those who have hurt them and ask forgiveness from those they’ve hurt
  • they their families would become stronger together and the young person would not fight against them and bring rebellion in the home
  • they would turn away from drugs, alcohol, inappropriate behavior, and filthy media
  • that their parents would have patience with them and ask God for wisdom in how they raise and interact with them
  • they would have solid values and convictions in their lives
  • they would set their thoughts on things true, right, noble, pure, lovely and worthy of praise
  • they would be mission-minded
  • they would become strong leaders
  • they would witness to their friends
  • they would take their place in the Kingdom, doing what God has called them to do

What you can do:

1. Pray for them.

2. If you are a parent, spend quality time with your child, consistently.

3. If you have influence with a young person, make it your purpose to train and mentor them in godly things.

4. Get them involved (or become involved yourself) in Christian youth activities.

5. Know about the current youth trends so you know what warning signs to look for and what things to pray.

6. Have regular devotions in your home that include your children and teenagers.

7. Listen to them, and if you are a youth… talk to your parents or mentors; don’t keep things bottled up inside.

8. Encourage youth in fulfilling their God-given purpose/destiny.


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