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Holiday of Healing: the Addicted

The world is full of people with problems. Many of those people try to solve their problems by using drugs and alcohol to help them escape reality. The true reality of that however, is that it solves nothing and only creates more problems. Others are addicted to drugs and alcohols because they are looking for “highs” and “coolness” amongst their peers. They started out just “trying” the substance, and then became hooked. There is no “coolness” in being enslaved to something, or any “highs” when you are laying in a hospital from overdose or overuse. Popularity and acceptance aren’t worth dying for, yet thousands go into eternity for these things every day.

Drugs and alcohol are not the only addictive behaviors. Families are torn apart from pornography, gambling, spending money, inappropriate relationships and more. Most addictive behavior stems simply from people not being satisfied with their life.

The only way for a person to escape this world is to turn their lives to Jesus Christ. Jesus has a home prepared for us that is full of peace, joy and Himself – a place where this is no more sadness or pain.

Pray for the addicted person …

•    To turn their life to Christ
•    To repent and turn away from their addiction
•    To not hang around with the friends they used to get in trouble with
•    To find healing in their life – physically, emotionally and spiritually
•    To know that God loves them even though they have done some bad things
•    To realize they can be free through Jesus
•    To adjust to their new lifestyle
•    To be strong when they are tempted to do the things they used to do
•    To make godly, strong friends who can encourage them and pray with them with times get tough
•    To find their place in the church and in the Kingdom

What can you do?

1. Pray for them

2. Be their friend. Encourage them that they can change, have a better life, and find peace.

3. Don’t shun them. Most of them already know that their behavior is wrong and to push them away only gives them more reason to turn to their addiction. You love THEM, and hate the SIN they are doing.

4. See if you can help them get into a recovery program.

5. Read about their condition. The more you know, the more you can help them.

6. Pray for them some more.



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