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Holiday of Healing: Military Troops Thumbnail

Holiday of Healing: Military Troops

Every single person in uniform has people at home who love them and who lie awake at night worrying about their safety.  Military service is inherently dangerous, and all the more so in a war zone. Many of our soldiers are living a very difficult life.  They get used to it, but it is still miserable.  Many of them are severely sleep deprived.  They are often hungry.  They do not often get to

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Thanksgiving Prayer Thumbnail

Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanksgiving is usually a festive holiday filled with a lot of laughter, friends, family, food and fellowship. Football games are enjoyed between desserts and families start bringing out the Christmas decorations. For America, the day is a celebration of the goodness we enjoy everyday. For those of us who pray, it is also a reminder of the millions others who are lonely, starving, living in povert

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