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Trusted to Pray

The prayers of children are often thought of as being “cute”, “playful”, “precious” or “pretend”. Adults can often become exclusive with regard to children and prayer, sending them to kid activities in the fellowship hall or sitting quietly on the pew as the adults pray the “big” prayers. Our good intentions of keeping order and being “serious” can cause us to push the children away during corporate prayer time until they get older. We worry about them misbehaving, saying something wrong, or praying incorrectly.

Jesus’ instructions to us to pray were not relegated to adults alone. The prayers of a child can be powerful, especially when they pray with their simple faith and obedience. The Spirit of God that they have been given is no less powerful than what an adult receives – remember, there is NO HOLY GHOST JR.

Your church meetings, ministries, and children’s programs should all include children during prayer time. Children need an environment of prayer to be exposed to, to hear others praying, and one to actively participate in. Part of any mentoring program is active, hands-on experience. Mentoring is equivalent to equipping one with an ability. To exclude children in corporate prayer time makes them feel like their prayers are not important yet and they cannot make a difference. This is in direct contrast to the Word of God which tells us that our “sons and our daughters will prosphesy.” We must be ever mindful of being inclusive in all things spiritual with our children. We need to train them to pray. We need to train them to study the Word of God. We need to train them to teach. We need to train them to witness.

The next time you have corporate prayer, include the children. Let them pray. Train them how. Encourage them to listen as God speaks to and through them. Take the time to sincerely  listen to what they have to share.

Imagine the countless prayers that will be spoken when we practice being inclusive. As children are trusted to pray, the power of God will move in even greater ways because of their faith, and in the process, they will be forever changed and so will their world.

Colleen Clabaugh


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  • Alexandra Everley says:

    Awesome article!! I help with a new children’s ministry at my church, and this is really inspiring! Once a month, we have a special service in the basement just for the kids. (I think it’s ages 6ish to 12.) We try to make it “camp-like” so that the kids can have their own worship time and alter call. It has been really powerful and successful–we’ve had two services, and a kid has gotten the Holy Ghost in both! I’m supposed to teach in the next one, and I’ve been wondering what to do. I might discuss this because I really want them to feel like they can have that kind of experience all the time, not just when we have “The Pulse” (the name of the group). Thanks so much for the inspiration!