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God Wants to Talk to You!

Did you know that God wants to talk to you? John chapter 10 Jesus says he is the Good shepherd and we are sheep. Sheep always recognize and listen to the voice of their shepherd. It is so vital because it keeps the sheep from getting lost and straying from the flock and falling into danger. With you and I it is vital to have times of listening to God so that we will develop our relationship with Him.

This year at the Missionary Kids class at Because of the times we had a time of focusing and learning how to listen to God. We learned that if we listen God will speak to us. Sometimes it is just a name that will come to our mind – and this is a person that we should pray for. Other times while being still and listening to the Lord a picture will come to our mind. Lastly sometimes God will bring a scripture verse- his living Word to our hearts and it is so important for us to look at this scripture.

This year we had a time of praising God, worshipping him, and just a time of repenting to the Lord. It is so important that we come to God with a clean heart. We gave each of the Mks a note card and asked them to dust draw what the Lord was showing them. We also told them that if he gave them a name for someone to pray for or a scripture that was fine too.

Each of the MKs saw different things but there was one main theme. All of the drawings except for two were of people helping other people- being the Hands and feet of Christ. Little did the Mks know that at that very time in the main session- their parents were learning the importance of being the hands and feet of Christ. The other two saw the peace of God and also a picture of heaven. It all goes hand and hand- when we follow after God’s will and be his hand and feet to this world we will have a the peace of God and if we follow after his plan for our life we will receive our reward in heaven.

Sometimes we worry when we pray that we are just making up what we hear. We might question- is this really God’s voice? What God tells you will never go against what is in the bible. That is why learning to pray God’s word is so important. The more that you know about God’s Word and what he says the more you will know that you are hearing from God. God is calling us to be a modern day Samuel and make a difference in our world. How about you? Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to listen to his voice?

Cylinda Nickel
MK Ministries

Here are some scans of some of the notecards the children made:

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