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Keep ’em Praying All Week

One of the hardest things to do in Kids Prayer is to keep your kids praying throughout the week when they are not all together in your prayer group or at church. Some families do not practice prayer at home, or may feel awkward doing it with their children if they don’t know what or how to pray very well themselves.

One way to handle this is to notify and get the permission of the parents for the kids to have their own phone tree. At a designated time during the early evening, start the phone tree by calling the first child and telling them what the topic for prayer is that day and any additional prayer requests. Depending on the age, that child can call and tell the next child, or you or your staff can call each one. It should only have a few moments and this will help to get the parents support and involvement as well.

You can also take prayer requests from the child or family. Most people are appreciative when someone takes the time to ask if they need prayer. They may not always have a request to give you but be sure one day they will have an important one and they will be waiting for your call.


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