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God’s Opinion

During our Monday night Kids Prayer meeting we always have a time of focused prayer for various requests based on current issues and events. Many times this is lead by one of our teachers, but this night we had a time of being quiet and had each student pray and ask God what they felt God wanted us to pray for collectively. After a short time, little hands went up in the air and each child shared

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Do What You Hear

Have you ever “tuned” out when your parents or friends were talking to you? Have you ever been so distracted playing your DSI that you did not even hear your mom call you for dinner? God does not want us to tune him out. He wants us to be good listeners who will know his voice. In the Old Testament Samuel was a young boy who heard the voice of God and responded to it. If we are faithful in hea

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God Wants to Talk to You!

Did you know that God wants to talk to you? John chapter 10 Jesus says he is the Good shepherd and we are sheep. Sheep always recognize and listen to the voice of their shepherd. It is so vital because it keeps the sheep from getting lost and straying from the flock and falling into danger. With you and I it is vital to have times of listening to God so that we will develop our relationship with H

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