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What are you doing?

What are you doing?
The question is simple.
The question is fair.
The question is required.

For many of us reading this post the question will give rise to various answers on how we are reaching our children and training them to pray. We train our own children. We train our grandchildren. We may even be training other children in our church or neighborhood. But this isn’t the answer to the question we are looking for. Our question is more refined, and pointed. Our question is not just, “What are you doing to train children to pray yourself,” but rather, “What are you doing to inspire and instill in others to do the same?”

The generation that is following in our footsteps needs more than a routine prayer over a meal or before bed. They need more than one teacher leading them once a week or an occasional time in the altar service at church or during a Sunday school crusade. This generation needs an influx of people leading and training them on a daily basis how to travail, intercede and find their own relationship with God. They need more than DS games, XBox’s, Disney, Facebook, and the numerous other media baby-sitters that we’ve allowed to raise our children. They need someone who cares enough to go the extra mile as mentors and true LEADers; not those who see the need for kids prayer and pass it off as someone else’s responsibility. If you are in the presence of a child then YOU have a responsibility to train them by your godly example, regardless if they are your child or not.

So the question is…
Who are you training?
Who are you trying to inspire to train children as well?
What are you doing to bring awareness to Kids Prayer in others?
What are YOU really doing to change your world?

Kids don’t expect video games and television to save them; but they expect you to.

May the next generation never ask us why we did nothing…


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