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What Are YOU Doing?

Children matter; no one questions that. What many do question is a child’s ability to minister at a young age. We often take on the mindset that they aren’t old enough, skilled enough, or knowledgeable enough yet to do such things when in fact, God has equipped them through His Spirit. They may mess up, make mistakes, or even fail at times, but that’s how they get experience... same as you a

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Prayer for Mothers

A mother’s job is hard, especially if she works outside of the home in addition to raising her kids. When you add church responsibilities and the needs of her friends and community to that you have a woman will little time left over for her self. Yet, often, she seems to manage. It’s all in a day’s work.  The demands on a mother are hard and if she’s not careful she can become so busy ta

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RDD: Relationship Deficit Disorder

They are known as Generation Z.  They are creative and collaborative. They are smart. They know more about the world due to the Internet then many of us knew by the time we were adults. They are concerned about their environment. They are true multi-taskers. They brand Life and what’s popular with a simple click of a “Like” button. They have never known life without technology. They thrive

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Four Ways Adults Can Help Kids Pray

To help kids learn to pray use the following in your home, or share with the families in your kids prayer ministries so they can do these things at home to help enforce what you are teaching during the week. 1. Let them catch you praying - at night, in the morning, at meals, when you've lost your temper, when  you're caught in traffic. There you might pray out loud for each member of your extend

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