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Sweet and Sour Grab Bags

Prepare one grab bag with several different kinds of candy—sweet, sour, hot, and dark chocolate—for every four kids. Form groups of four and give each group a grab bag. Have children take turns reaching into the bag for one candy. When each child has a treat, explain that the candies represent different kinds of prayer.  Use the following examples to lead kids in prayer.  Sweet candy—than

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Candy Prayers

Easter is coming soon and that means that the aisles of your local store is full of brightly or pastel colored candy. Many kids get baskets on Easter full of this same candy. Instead of just letting the kids get cavities or fight over who ate the bunny's ears let's teach them how to pray with some of the candy. A favorite at this time of year is Jelly Beans (I personally love the Jelly Belly br

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M&Ms Are For Missions

In this little girl’s hands lies a tool to shape the nations when coupled with prayer. Imagine that! Something as simple as a piece of candy is being turned into a powerful prayer tool by children who learn of it’s dual role. I doubt the parent company of M&Ms knew their little candy coated chocolates would be employed as instruments of salvation, but in the hands of a child (or anyone els

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