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Sweet and Sour Grab Bags

Prepare one grab bag with several different kinds of candy—sweet, sour, hot, and dark chocolate—for every four kids. Form groups of four and give each group a grab bag. Have children take turns reaching into the bag for one candy. When each child has a treat, explain that the candies represent different kinds of prayer.  Use the following examples to lead kids in prayer.

 Sweet candy—thank God for his many blessings

 Sour candy—ask God to bless those who are bitter from hurts in their life

 Hot candy—ask God to keep you excited about serving him.

 Dark-chocolate candy—pray for someone who’s going through a difficult time.

 After you’ve prayed, enjoy the treats. Have each child put one of each candy in a sandwich bag to take home. Encourage children to teach their families what they’ve learned about prayer.


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