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What Are YOU Doing?

Children matter; no one questions that. What many do question is a child’s ability to minister at a young age. We often take on the mindset that they aren’t old enough, skilled enough, or knowledgeable enough yet to do such things when in fact, God has equipped them through His Spirit. They may mess up, make mistakes, or even fail at times, but that’s how they get experience... same as you a

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"What are you going to do when you get older?" This is perhaps one of the most frequent questions asked to a child by teachers, mentors and adults. It's a good question. It's a great question. Yet, it's a terrible question! What do I mean by that? Shouldn't we be interested in what children want to as they grow into adulthood? Yes. Shouldn't we start planning for our children's future? Yes. Shoul

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A Successful Kids Prayer Ministry

Recently we asked our Facebook Kids Prayer Focus Group to tell us in their own words what they envisioned as a successful Kids Prayer ministry. The Bible says that "where there is no vision the  people  perish." For a ministry to be truly effective you need to know what your goal is so you can consistently evaluate whether the things you are doing are helping reach that goal. Here are some resp

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Kids Praying at UPCI General Conference

World Network of Prayer, along with its Kids Prayer ministry, was honored to open the 2011 UPCI General Conference in Louisville, KY with prayer. Flo Shaw, WNOP International Coordinator, opened with prayer for the city of Louisville. Thetus Tenney prayed for the conference, speakers and leaders. Then three children - Jewell Leonard, Emma Nickel, and Adrian Hood - prayed for Home Missions, Foreign

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Sweet and Sour Grab Bags

Prepare one grab bag with several different kinds of candy—sweet, sour, hot, and dark chocolate—for every four kids. Form groups of four and give each group a grab bag. Have children take turns reaching into the bag for one candy. When each child has a treat, explain that the candies represent different kinds of prayer.  Use the following examples to lead kids in prayer.  Sweet candy—than

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