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Bibles for China

Amity Press is the only company in China that is allowed to print Bibles. But the government limits the number of Bibles they can print. Christians who share the gospel with others want everyone in China to have the opportunity to read the Bible. They are thankful for bold Christians who smuggle Bibles into their country.  [Kids of Courage] You can read more about this issue and what others are

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Candy Prayers

Easter is coming soon and that means that the aisles of your local store is full of brightly or pastel colored candy. Many kids get baskets on Easter full of this same candy. Instead of just letting the kids get cavities or fight over who ate the bunny's ears let's teach them how to pray with some of the candy. A favorite at this time of year is Jelly Beans (I personally love the Jelly Belly br

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