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Praying for the Sick… Kid-Style Thumbnail

Praying for the Sick… Kid-Style

Often in our kids prayer group we receive requests to pray for people - usually for healing. Most of these requests are for people that our kids don't come in contact with, so in the past we have sent them a prayer cloth, just like the apostles did in the New Testament. We like for people to know that the prayer cloth came from the kids group so we have used brightly colored or patterned material.

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Soul-Saving Prayer Thumbnail

Soul-Saving Prayer

Some time ago I was in Africa on a missions trip, a teacher friend of mine covered the Shekinah Kids prayer class for me and did a wonderful job. After spending time learning Scripture Prayers, she used the remainder of the time teaching kids how to look up Scriptures pertaining to specific needs using a concordance. She then taught them how to use one or two Scriptures to write a thematic prayer

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Candy Prayers

Easter is coming soon and that means that the aisles of your local store is full of brightly or pastel colored candy. Many kids get baskets on Easter full of this same candy. Instead of just letting the kids get cavities or fight over who ate the bunny's ears let's teach them how to pray with some of the candy. A favorite at this time of year is Jelly Beans (I personally love the Jelly Belly br

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