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Praying for the Sick… Kid-Style

Often in our kids prayer group we receive requests to pray for people – usually for healing. Most of these requests are for people that our kids don’t come in contact with, so in the past we have sent them a prayer cloth, just like the apostles did in the New Testament. We like for people to know that the prayer cloth came from the kids group so we have used brightly colored or patterned material. Lately we have been using different things for prayer cloths.

When kids skin their knee they automatically feel better once they have a Band Aid on. I don’t know if anyone has ever done research to understand why Band Aids make you feel better but they just do. Our group has been using kid friendly (fun) Band Aids as prayer cloths. We anoint the gauze on the Band Aid and prayer for it just as we would a piece of cloth.

Another thing that we have used is get well cards. We either purchase one or have the kids make one. After taking time to write a message and sign the card the kids will pray over the card. This has also been used during our listening times. The kids will ask God what He would like to say to the individual we are praying for. The kids will then write or draw what Jesus told them and we give the paper to the person we were praying for.

The newest prayer cloth we have used was probably the most fun. There was a prayer request for someone who had recently been diagnosed with cancer. We printed off a coloring page for the part of the body where the cancer is and then used poster paint on our hands and laid hands on the paper where the cancer is. The reason we did this is because we knew if he could physically be there he would have allowed the kids to lay hands on him.

Do any of these ideas sound like something your group would like to try? Is there a way that your group likes to pray for others? Let us know. We would love to hear about it!


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