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Soul-Saving Prayer

Some time ago I was in Africa on a missions trip, a teacher friend of mine covered the Shekinah Kids prayer class for me and did a wonderful job. After spending time learning Scripture Prayers, she used the remainder of the time teaching kids how to look up Scriptures pertaining to specific needs using a concordance. She then taught them how to use one or two Scriptures to write a thematic prayer for a need.

Since then at least one student has really taken that lesson to heart. She wrote her first prayer from Scripture outside of class very soon after that lesson for her mom, who was ill at the time. Then, she wrote one for her dad, who was going through a difficult time after being laid off of work. She wrote one for missions prayer in “big church” that she used during our first kids offering prayer. She’s been writing these Scripture-based prayers for people off and on now for several months.

The last three months, she’s requested prayer at every turn for her grandpa, who was battling cancer. We prayed for his healing. We prayed for the family to be encouraged. We prayed for everything we could think of. However, this past week the family was called in because his condition had worsened.

In this time of great discomfort and grief, guess what she did? Yes, she wrote a prayer for her grandpa. As I was told this week, her grandpa had been away from God for over 40 years, and even near death, his heart was still as hard as stone.

As she read her Scripture-based prayer to him in the presence of his family, they all wept together. While she prayed, her little brother stood fast in soul-saving faith and would not leave the room until all was well with his grandpa’s soul.

Something she prayed, and something her little brother believed, sparked his spirit to turn back to God. I haven’t yet heard about the content of her prayer, but knowing this quiet little power house of prayer, it was beautiful. And in the quiet of the night, in the afterglow of her soul-saving intercession, he made his peace with his Creator.
Thank you, Heavenly Father, for preparing the way for this man’s salvation through the soul-saving intercession of one of Your children. Thank you for allowing her and others like her to be released to minister to all who need Your touch.

What if there had been no Shekinah Kids prayer class? What if I hadn’t gone on that missions trip? What if my friend hadn’t taught the class something this little girl could use with assurance and faith? What if she left the praying up to grown-ups because of she was “too little” to do anything? This soul would have been lost.


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