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Holiday of Healing: Military Troops Thumbnail

Holiday of Healing: Military Troops

Every single person in uniform has people at home who love them and who lie awake at night worrying about their safety.  Military service is inherently dangerous, and all the more so in a war zone. Many of our soldiers are living a very difficult life.  They get used to it, but it is still miserable.  Many of them are severely sleep deprived.  They are often hungry.  They do not often get to

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Holiday of Healing: Youth Thumbnail

Holiday of Healing: Youth

Young people are our most valuable natural resource.  They are creative.  They are missions-minded.  They don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and getting involved and they have a lot of energy.  This energy must be directed constructively, which can only be done by seeking God.  Satan wants to turn teenagers’ attention to things of the world because he know with their help, the church ca

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Holiday of Healing: Single Parents Thumbnail

Holiday of Healing: Single Parents

The struggle to be a successful parent is a great task for any two-parent home; when a parent is alone, this adds even more stress to the situation. Single parenting is extra tough because one has double the responsibility with half the resources. It can be a burden financially as well as emotionally. A single parent who has to work extra hours to pay the bills means less time at home with the chi

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Holiday of Healing: the Addicted Thumbnail

Holiday of Healing: the Addicted

The world is full of people with problems. Many of those people try to solve their problems by using drugs and alcohol to help them escape reality. The true reality of that however, is that it solves nothing and only creates more problems. Others are addicted to drugs and alcohols because they are looking for "highs" and "coolness" amongst their peers. They started out just "trying" the substance,

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Holiday of Healing: Governments Thumbnail

Holiday of Healing: Governments

Being a leader is not always easy, much less, being the leader of a nation. Corruption abounds in many government systems and there is great pressure from every side to influence those who have power and the ability to change things. New leaders suddenly have all kinds of "friends" who want to "help them" rule their world. The pressure is overwhelming for well-meaning leaders. Then there are the l

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