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Teaching Kids to Pray Series: Modeling Prayer Thumbnail

Teaching Kids to Pray Series: Modeling Prayer

Children are like sponges; they soak in all the things they see around them and those things affect them. We've all seen children imitate. Little girls put on their mother's shoes, little boys use their daddy's tools, and sometimes vice versa. From very early on babies start mimicking smiles and facial expressions. Children may not understand all they are doing or imitating at the time, they just

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"What are you going to do when you get older?" This is perhaps one of the most frequent questions asked to a child by teachers, mentors and adults. It's a good question. It's a great question. Yet, it's a terrible question! What do I mean by that? Shouldn't we be interested in what children want to as they grow into adulthood? Yes. Shouldn't we start planning for our children's future? Yes. Shoul

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Holiday of Healing: Governments Thumbnail

Holiday of Healing: Governments

Being a leader is not always easy, much less, being the leader of a nation. Corruption abounds in many government systems and there is great pressure from every side to influence those who have power and the ability to change things. New leaders suddenly have all kinds of "friends" who want to "help them" rule their world. The pressure is overwhelming for well-meaning leaders. Then there are the l

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Leading By Example

One way children learn is by watching and mimicking us and many times we forget that and focus only on the lesson at hand. Between the ages of three and five children begin to mimic the actions of those around them. Point in case, I was working on a project for a few weeks ago and was going over some design ideas. One of the designs included a child praying. I am a nanny for a three year old boy a

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