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Kids Praying for Kids

Often during Kids Prayer meetings we pray for the orphans across the world and those who have been abused, abandoned, or been forced into child slavery and the military. Our hearts break for them. We shed tears. We intercede for them. However, the orphans and disadvantaged are not just in remote countries of the world but also in our modern cities and cultures that surround where we live everyday. We cannot forget them. The issues they face of abandonment, abuse, neglect, violence and other such things affect their spirits as much as any other child who is no longer with their family. They need hope. They need love. They need to not be forgotten.

Within the United States are many such facilities and programs that try to care and provide for these children. We decided during one of our recent meetings to focus on one of them: Tupelo Children’s Mansion (TCM). Our group took a prayer guide written specifically for them, and prayed over each child mentioned. We prayed for the staff, the facility, the parents and guardians of the children, and the situations that many of them may have been facing. We prayed for healing both in their bodies and in their spirit. We watched a promotional video from TCM that walked us through the facility and explained the purpose and mission that they so vitally believed in and endeavored to fulfill.

These facilities and the staff and children at these locations need your prayers. They need funds, provisions, staff workers, and counselors who can help provide a safe and christian environment for these children. They need food, clothing, and items for schooling and medical care. The children need personal attention, counseling, and a future.

In your endeavors to pray for orphans and the hurting across the world, don’t forget those that are knocking at your own back door.

About Tupelo Children’s Mansion:
Founded over 55 years ago in Tupelo, MS, the Mansion is recognized as one of the oldest and most trusted organizations of its kind.

Our mission is to offer hope through the love of Jesus Christ to orphaned or disadvantaged children by providing their physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and educational needs . . . contributing to their health, security and happiness, and equipping them to lead productive lives.

Attached is a prayer guide for how you can pray for Tupelo Children’s Mansion. Visit t heir website for more information, photos and media.

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