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Holiday of Healing: Those with AIDS


DECEMBER 1st – Praying for those with AIDS


Lord, today is World AIDS Day. We pray for those who have this disease across our world that they would have healing for their body and healing for their soul. We ask for wisdom for those searching for a cure. We pray for nations in the 10/40 Window where this disease is most prevalent that they would raise funds and awareness of how to live in ways that would discourage this epidemic. We pray for medicine for the people to help slow down the disease so they have more opportunity to find out about You. We pray that you would make us aware when we become prejudice against these people so instead we can show love and spiritual healing.


From Compassion International:

“… to date, over 33 million people — spread out on every continent — are struggling with a tiny little terrorist in their blood streams, attacking healthy cells, breaking down the person’s immunity … and no one knows how to stop it. I’m talking, of course, about HIV/AIDS.

This past summer, a few reports came out that scientists have discovered a new, breakthrough treatment for HIV/AIDS. I’m so glad there are people out there who can comprehend the small things beyond my grasp. I’m glad there are those who spend their careers constantly peering through microscopes to take on the dangers the rest of us cannot see.

Regardless of my limitations, there is one thing I do understand: There are over 16 million children who have been orphaned because of this terrible disease.* 16,600,000. (Source: USAID)

I want you to see the whole number. That’s how many little boys and girls have lost mommy or daddy to the invisible invader. If HIV/AIDS was a masked intruder, we’d do whatever it takes to put him behind bars. If it was a government, we’d demand invasion until the leaders were toppled and the children freed. If HIV/AIDS were anything our minds could grasp, we wouldn’t sleep until they were gone for good.  Please join us in praying for the 5,000 people who will die today, tomorrow, and every day after, because of HIV/AIDS. Say a prayer for the millions of children who will lose a parent and the millions of others who will lose a son, daughter, friend or relative. And please pray for those who comprehend the small things. Pray for those who are fighting to stop this awful pandemic. Pray they receive wisdom, insight and opportunity.

Sometimes the small things … are very big things indeed.
Courtesy of Compassion International


1. You can pray for them (see the prayer above)

2. You can befriend someone who has this disease. Even Jesus spent time with the leapers.

3. Raise awareness of this disease in your area.

4. Write a letter/prayer to someone who is battling this disease in a hospital.

5. Love them.

6. Have special times of prayer in your prayer groups for these people, including those in the 10.40 Window

7. Find out more about AIDS. Often people think AIDS is something contracted from inappropriate behavior with other people alone, which is not entirely true. Know the facts. There are many innocent victims.


Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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