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A Candle in the Window

For those countries who celebrate Christmas, the holiday season brings lots of decorations, lights, and candles in house windows all across the nation. At dusk the lights are plugged in lighting up entire houses in dark neighborhoods and areas. Darkness is the absence of light. A single light will always scatter darkness. Instead of just using lights at Christmas time, why not integrate that ligh

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Tick-Tock Prayer Clock

Even if you have a heart for prayer, you may sometimes run out of ideas that help you talk with Jesus. Use this prayer clock to help train your brain to pray! The clock covers time slots for: Petition Adoration Intercession Confession [download id="50" format="5"]

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Sweet and Sour Grab Bags

Prepare one grab bag with several different kinds of candy—sweet, sour, hot, and dark chocolate—for every four kids. Form groups of four and give each group a grab bag. Have children take turns reaching into the bag for one candy. When each child has a treat, explain that the candies represent different kinds of prayer.  Use the following examples to lead kids in prayer.  Sweet candy—than

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In one of our previous post we mentioned the idea of using an inflatable globe as a creative prayer tool for kids. Sometimes kids can get more focused on throwing the globe around than praying so if this is your situation, try this alternative method. Get a large map that has continents and country names on it. Blindfold the child, then play Pin-the-Prayer-on-the-Prayer-Map (similar to Pin-the-Tai

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Pray for Muslims

"This year's Islamic month of prayer and fasting begins August 1st and ends August 30th. During Ramadan, most Muslims fast from dawn until dusk, seeking to purify themselves from their sins. They believe Ramadan is a time of purification, accomplished through good deeds and self-control."The billions of people who practice the Islam religion are in desperate need of a revelation of Truth and God's

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