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Tick-Tock Prayer Clock Thumbnail

Tick-Tock Prayer Clock

Even if you have a heart for prayer, you may sometimes run out of ideas that help you talk with Jesus. Use this prayer clock to help train your brain to pray! The clock covers time slots for: Petition Adoration Intercession Confession [download id="50" format="5"]

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Kids Can Effect Change Thumbnail

Kids Can Effect Change

Several years ago my friend and fellow Kids prayer teacher came across a need that no one had heard anything about. Halfway across the world was a group of children that just happened to be the same age as the kids in our group. The difference was, these kids were walking miles in the dark to sleep underground to avoid being abducted and forced to fight in a war that was decades old. They were cal

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In the News Thumbnail

In the News

There are many things in the news that need prayer - from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan to the unrest in the Middle East, rising costs of food and gasoline, and an unstable economy. That is enough to overwhelm most people. Fortunately we know that God is in control and that our prayers make a difference and can radically change some of these situations.My question to you is do your children

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