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A Candle in the Window

For those countries who celebrate Christmas, the holiday season brings lots of decorations, lights, and candles in house windows all across the nation. At dusk the lights are plugged in lighting up entire houses in dark neighborhoods and areas.

Darkness is the absence of light. A single light will always scatter darkness. Instead of just using lights at Christmas time, why not integrate that light into every day? Each evening, light a candle or put a light in a window of your home and as you do, pray with your children the following type of prayer:

“Lord, we pray for those that are lost outside of our home that they will see the light of Your truth and find their way to You. Help us to create a home where our friends and neighbors feel safe and welcome and each time they are near, cause them to feel You drawing them. Help us to share the gospel with those around us, and scatter the darkness with the promises and truth of Your Word. Let each person that passes this home feel Your presence; cause us to be a lighthouse – a beacon of hope – to our world.”

During the holiday season having lights in a window are common, but this year, don’t take your light down. Leave one in a window and when people ask why it’s there, be sure to tell them.


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