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Kids Can Effect Change

Several years ago my friend and fellow Kids prayer teacher came across a need that no one had heard anything about. Halfway across the world was a group of children that just happened to be the same age as the kids in our group. The difference was, these kids were walking miles in the dark to sleep underground to avoid being abducted and forced to fight in a war that was decades old. They were called “Invisible Children”, child soldiers in Uganda and the Sudan.

She researched and found a DVD documentary about the Invisible Children. After editing the documentary because there were some parts that were not suitable for young children we showed it during our Shekinah kids class. About halfway through, the kids hit the floor in prayer. They were moved to intercede for these kids who were their age. They were still praying when their parents came to get them.

Some of those same kids, now several years older, were planning to participate in a worldwide event sponsored by the Invisible Children group called the Rescue. They made phone calls to radio and television stations to try to get media coverage. The week before they came and taught our new group of kids about it and as their burden was passed to the next generation the younger kids began to pray for the event as well as the Invisible Children. When the weekend of the event came along there were still groups waiting for an answer across the world. The children our group prayed for those that were still at the event. 20 minutes after this time of prayer one of the cities specifically mentioned was rescued.

Don’t be afraid to bring big needs to your kids. You’ll be surprised what they can handle, and what can happen when they get a hold of something and begin to pray.


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