Where Two or Three Are Gathered…

Where two or three are gathered …

You know, I think sometimes we don’t realize there was no age limit on this scripture. Something happened recently in my local kids prayer group that reminded me of just this fact. One of the older girls Alexis, who is 11, brought a serious need to the prayer corner. The kids gather for 15 minutes before Sunday evening service to pray. She said that her friend Lauren had a heart attack on the soccer field at school and they were disconnecting her life support to harvest her organs. We had the kids pray, but I was in shock. Sometimes the requests the kids bring are so heart wrenching, but they know if their friends pray, God will hear it. It is a faith that we as adults sometimes lack I fear. I watched Alexis during worship service as tears just poured down her face. I told her to give me a call if she needed me. Sadly, in my small mind I was already trying to figure out some kind of comforting words for after her friend passed away.

That next day changed my life and Alexis’s. About ten minutes before our weekly kids prayer class I realized I had a voice mail on my phone. I checked it and it was Alexis. “Sister Amberle, I just found out Lauren is alive! I am so happy! Call me and I will tell you what happened!” I stepped outside and called her immediately. She said, “My dad went to the hospital and as they were shutting down the machines her heart let out one beat, so they shocked her and now she is doing well! She’s alive Sister Amberle!”

Tears were in my eyes as I came back and told the group what had happened because of their prayers. Below is the report her grandfather sent out. Note the response to her grandparents question? “I didn’t think there was need to since we prayed” Child like faith! How much more could we accomplish if we could all get a little more of that?

My eleven-year-old granddaughter has a friend who had a heart-attack last Friday while playing soccer and was on life support. Alexis and the other kids prayed for her during kids’ prayer Sunday night before church. The doctors began to disconnect the machines today to harvest the organs as the mother watched the monitors flat-line. Then the heart gave a blip. The doctor shocked the heart. The heart started beating on its own. Devon went to the hospital to see the family and the girl is making a great recovery. We heard about it after Devon placed a call to the children’s prayer leaders tonight at church. Bev asked Alexis why she didn’t tell her about it. “Well, I didn’t think there was need to since we prayed for her last night.


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