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Why Teach Children to Pray

Children today are faced with circumstances everyday that we cannot even begin to imagine. Many come from broken homes, have been abused, or are from neighborhoods where drugs and violence are rampant. Children are not unlike adults, they do not like the situations that they are faced with and would like the power to change them. As a result, this will cause them to search for something – that something could be in a person, a thing, or a “higher” power of some kind. This explains why many will turn to gangs, drugs and sexual relationships. It’s a “way” out of their current circumstance.

As a church family we need to find a different way for these children to feel as if they have power over their situations. The Bible tells us that “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of  strong holds,” II Corinthians 10:4 (KVJ). We know that the only person who really has the power to change circumstances is Jesus, and the weapon we use is prayer. Amazingly, children can do the exact same thing!

By teaching children how to pray for other people in the world who are facing problems such as abuse, violence, or addictions, you are teaching them that they can pray about their own personal situation also. By teaching them to pray with the Kingdom in mind means that their needs will be supplied according to Matthew 6:33.

One example of this “Kingdom” praying occurred on August 23, 2006. A nine-year-old girl felt led to pray for “Invisible Children” (these are the children in Uganda who run away so they might avoid being forced to become soldiers) during an intense time of intercession. This happened during a normal kid’s prayer training class. The kids were using drums and feeling a warrior-like approach in prayer. A real spiritual battle was in progress. As she led, several kids began to speak and command soldiers to “stop in your tracks, right now, turn around and leave the children alone!”

During prayer this girl and several others “saw” in their spirits, men with guns stopping dead in their tracks, turning 180 degrees, and walking away without hurting anyone. We all felt something break in the “heavenlies” and left feeling like we had done what the Holy Spirit prompted us to do. Two days later something shook in Uganda. A government and rebel cease fire was announced. The soldiers stopped fighting!

The current generation of children wants to be involved – they are a generation of action. As Kids Prayer leaders we may not be able to take our kids to places that need help; we can however, present a need to our kids and teach them how to pray for it. We can teach them that even though we cannot go to where the need is – God can. We can teach children that they do have the power to change the world right now through prayer!


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