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Holiday of Hope: Disabled Children

Living with a disabled child can be challenging; being a disabled child can be even worse. People stare, often without realizing it. They can make pitiful or ignorant comments. Many activities are not possible due to physical or mental limitations. Families can become tense and full of anger at God and each other while dealing with the situation. The child can feel low self-worth, anger, and anxiety because of their disability and inability to sometimes communicate what they feel. Frustrations abound.

Those who deal with disabilities such as these have a large majority of their lives impacted. Many adjust over time and are able to live normal lives, while others continue to deal with these frustrations, and peace in the home and in their lives are lost. Many get angry with God and loss their faith, not being able to understand… “Why?”

Children with disabilities can live normal lives, as much as their condition allows. God loves them just as much as any of us; but they need our prayers.

Pray for:

  • For people to have love and patience when dealing with disabled children.
  • For people to see them as just as important and no different in worth or contribution than anyone else.
  • For the families of disabled children to have necessary finances to take care of them.
  • For siblings and peers to not treat them differently or make fun of their condition.
  • For the disabled child to feel love and security from those they are around.
  • For the disabled child to find ways of expressing themselves and sharing their abilities and talents.
  • For the disabled child to feel good about themselves and find their worth.
  • For the disabled child to receive appropriate medical attention that’s needed.
  • For the disabled child to understand God’s love and receive His Spirit.
  • For God to heal them.

What Can I Do?

1. Pray for them. Pray for those that you know are disabled, and those you hear about.

2.  Pray for doctors to find cures for the conditions they face.

3. Befriend a disabled child. Often they feel alone and have few friends. Spend time with them.

4. Often to babysit (friend-sit) a disabled child to give the parents a short break.

5. Donate to a disability fund.

6. Educate yourself in various disabilities that exist. The more you know, the better you can pray and the more you can understand frustrations and problems that families have to deal with.

7. Write a letter, card or share photos with a disabled child. Let them know they are valuable.

8. Talk with the parents of a disabled child. Let them know you care about their situation and are praying for them.

9. Always encourage a disabled child and make them feel good about anything positive they’ve done. Encourage them to keep doing what they are doing. Positive words and actions have more power to change someone.

10. Donate clothes, toys and other items to families with disabled children. Most of them have to deal with medical bills that drains their finances. Many families will appreciate your help, especially during the holiday season. Give them the gift of love, time and concern.


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