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Kids Prayer Boot Camp Curriculum

New training material! BUY NOW [Downloadable version]BUY NOW [Hardcopy version] Our new Kids Prayer Boot Camp curriculum is a 12 lesson series designed to train children in the fundamentals of prayer. It has been designed with a military style format that includes training in the following areas: CORE FUNDAMENTALSEnlisting—Basics and CommitmentOur Commander-In-Chief—Our leader and worship

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Trusted to Pray

The prayers of children are often thought of as being "cute", "playful", "precious" or "pretend". Adults can often become exclusive with regard to children and prayer, sending them to kid activities in the fellowship hall or sitting quietly on the pew as the adults pray the "big" prayers. Our good intentions of keeping order and being "serious" can cause us to push the children away during corpora

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What’s a Mother to Do?

No matter your domestic status, all mothers face some of the same challenges when it comes to spending real time and energy praying and it often seems impossible. So what is a mother do when it comes to prayer and intercession? At the outset, please know that the cause of prayer desperately needs a mother’s touch. The empathy and unconditional love that soothes and comforts is the perfect model

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Divine Moments

It was early in the morning; the sun had not risen and all was still. My mind was foggy from less-than-adequate sleep and my morning jolt of caffeine had yet to make it its way down to the deep recesses of my throat. I’m not a morning person. A phrase from my daily devotional stuck in my mind like a record player skipping on one of those favorite moments of a song – the phrase was “divine mo

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Four Ways Adults Can Help Kids Pray

To help kids learn to pray use the following in your home, or share with the families in your kids prayer ministries so they can do these things at home to help enforce what you are teaching during the week. 1. Let them catch you praying - at night, in the morning, at meals, when you've lost your temper, when  you're caught in traffic. There you might pray out loud for each member of your extend

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