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Creative Prayer

God created the world. God created life as we know it out of nothing. God is creative. God imaginative. God is unique. God is not boring. God made us in His image. Therefore, we were made to be creative, imaginative, unique, and not boring. Our time with God in prayer is an extension of who we are, so prayer should include all the adjectives just mentioned as well. It was never meant to be rigid,

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Worship Series: What God Needs Most

The foundation of prayer is a RELATIONSHIP with God. Prayer is not just lists of things we pray about, or something we do to be powerful Christians. We can get a thousand prayers answered and we can become powerful leaders but if we don’t really KNOW God in a personal way, then prayer is nothing more than things about US and what we can get done. Jesus wants to KNOW us—that person that’s dee

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Worship & Praise Wall

Since worship and praise are essential in prayer we want to make it a regular part of our time training children to pray.Children by nature are egocentric and may need a little help in this area since it doesn't focus on their needs. Here's a great and fun way for children to integrate worship during your prayer meetings: 1. Teach your children about worship in general - what is it, how is it dif

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Divine Moments

It was early in the morning; the sun had not risen and all was still. My mind was foggy from less-than-adequate sleep and my morning jolt of caffeine had yet to make it its way down to the deep recesses of my throat. I’m not a morning person. A phrase from my daily devotional stuck in my mind like a record player skipping on one of those favorite moments of a song – the phrase was “divine mo

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Kids Praise & Worship

Does it really make a difference? Yes, Psalm 8:2 says, “You have taught children and nursing infants to give you praise. They silence your enemies who were seeking revenge.” (NLT) It is a mandate from God for kids to worship. According to this scripture, if kids worship then God’s enemies become silent. This is so important that even Jesus mentioned it in Matt 21:16. Getting it into "Big

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