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Divine Moments

It was early in the morning; the sun had not risen and all was still. My mind was foggy from less-than-adequate sleep and my morning jolt of caffeine had yet to make it its way down to the deep recesses of my throat. I’m not a morning person. A phrase from my daily devotional stuck in my mind like a record player skipping on one of those favorite moments of a song – the phrase was “divine moments.” With each skip of my record I recalled various memories from my life when I had encountered divine moments with God during times of prayer and worship. I remembered the times I was so consumed in Him that I lost track of time and when I began to regain my “time consciousness” I resented it – time, that is. I wanted time to stand still and was so desperate for more of what I was experiencing that I even prayed for God to make it time stop for just a little while.

Most anyone who has a relationship with God will have divine moments that bring smiles to our face as we recall them, and bring to life a yearning within us to relive them all over again. If they bring us such sweetness to our soul then we should share those memories with those around us where they can experience a little taste of our heaven for themselves. Often we do share them with our friends, families or pastor, but do we also share them with the children around us? Do we relive the experience in a dramatic way before them that makes their eyes wide with wonder and anticipation? Do we bring the memory to life before their eyes that makes them yearn for something similar in their own lives?

Prayer and worship time isn’t just about lists or fulfilling time…it’s about a relationship. If children are going to desire the supernatural and those deep profound moments with the Master then they need to be taught that these moments exist and then they need to be trained how to achieve them for themselves. Children need storytellers who make those experiences bigger than life to the point they are willing to lay down games, television and playtime to find these moments for themselves. It’s possible, but only if we show them how to get there. Disney and Hollywood have created imaginary worlds of “splendor” that have captured our kids’ attention – we need to create real worlds of supernatural glory manifested by God that will not only capture our kids’ attention, but keep it.

Today, why don’t you share some of your divine moments with a child.

– Colleen Clabaugh


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