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Four Ways Adults Can Help Kids Pray

To help kids learn to pray use the following in your home, or share with the families in your kids prayer ministries so they can do these things at home to help enforce what you are teaching during the week.

1. Let them catch you praying – at night, in the morning, at meals, when you’ve lost your temper, when  you’re caught in traffic. There you might pray out loud for each member of your extended family, wherever each one may be at the time. Kids imitate us: that’s how they learn.

2. Pray with kids. Insist on a table grace, a night time prayer, a morning pray, or a weekly or daily family devotional.

3. Create family rituals. On birthdays have prayer before you light the candles on a cake. On anniversaries, thank God out loud, in front of the kids for your partner.

4. When bad things happen – remind everyone that God can forgive and heal what we cannot.


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